About Us

William Tuch
503-504-1261, tuchknives@gmail.com

I made my first knife in the fall of 2005. With a background in the metals supply and fabrication industry, I was very familiar with metals manufacturing and the machinery used. This along with some great guidance from Butch Vallotton was instrumental in my ability to learn this trade so rapidly.

I realized quickly that I enjoyed the design aspect of the trade most of all. I had so many ideas, but my ideas were beyond my abilities. I started experimenting with carving and then was fortunate enough to meet an incredible artisan, Tim Herman. Tim and I spent several weeks together. In that time he filled me in on the basics of carving and many other aspects of knife making. Tim has truly been instrumental in my development.

I now use very few machines. The bulk of my work is done with files, sandpaper and stones. These methods are very time consuming, but I am getting closer to achieving my ultimate goal of being able to create the designs that I see in my mind.